Israeli Military Weighs Options in Response to Iranian Airstrikes

IDF Presents Range of Measures to Israeli Government Amid Escalating Tensions

The Israeli military has put forth a spectrum of potential responses to the recent Iranian airstrikes, according to statements made by Israel Defense Forces (IDF) spokesperson Peter Lerner and reported by ABC News on Monday.

Tehran launched multiple waves of drones, cruise missiles, and ballistic missiles at Israel over the weekend in retaliation for the bombing of the Iranian embassy in Damascus earlier this month. While Israel has neither confirmed nor denied its involvement in the consulate strike, reports indicate that seven members of the Iranian military, including two high-ranking generals, were killed in the incident.

Iran claims that its retaliatory operation resulted in the destruction of two Israeli military bases. However, the IDF countered these claims, asserting that it intercepted 99% of the over 300 drones and missiles launched, with only “minor damage” reported at Nevatim Airbase.

Lerner emphasized that despite the successful interceptions, the threat posed by Iran should not be underestimated. The Israeli government is currently assessing the options presented by the IDF, which include potential actions such as a strike or refraining from military action, as stated by Lerner. A decision could be reached as early as Monday.

Amid escalating tensions, US President Joe Biden has reportedly urged Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to exercise restraint to avoid further escalation. However, Iran has cautioned against a military response, warning that any such action would lead to a more significant escalation of hostilities. Major General Mohammad Bagheri, Iran’s chief of staff of the armed forces, stated that while Iran sees its airstrikes as successful and has no intention of continuing operations, any forceful response from Israel would result in a more extensive military operation from Iran.

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