Labour Party Condemns N57.6 Billion Vehicle Gift to Legislators, Urges Prioritization of National Economy

Party Criticizes APC Administration’s ‘Insensitivity’ Amidst Economic Hardship

The Labour Party (LP) has expressed deep concern and sadness over the reported plan to gift each of the 360 members of the House of Assembly with vehicles worth approximately N160 million each. In a scathing statement, the party condemned what it perceives as a high level of insensitivity demonstrated by both the executive and legislative arms under the leadership of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and the All Progressives Congress (APC) administration.

Julius Abure, the National Chairman of the Labour Party, issued a statement on Tuesday denouncing the perceived opulence at the expense of hardworking but underprivileged Nigerians. Abure criticized the decision to provide members of the Federal Executive Council (FEC) with three luxurious four-wheel drive vehicles on their first day in office, all funded by taxpayers. He questioned the administration’s priorities, highlighting the deepening poverty in the country.

“With the price of a bag of 50 kg rice reaching N50,000 and families struggling to afford two square meals a day, the government’s allocation of N57.6 billion for these vehicles is both disheartening and unjustifiable,” Abure asserted.

The statement underscored the paradox of a government seeking foreign loans while lavishing funds on imported vehicles instead of supporting local manufacturers like Innoson Motors and Peugeot Automobiles. Abure emphasized the Labour Party’s commitment to moving the economy from consumption to production, placing “Nigeria first.”

Amidst concerns about rising inflation and economic challenges, Abure called on the government to reconsider its priorities and focus on revamping the nation’s economy rather than indulging in what he termed a “luxury living” obsession.

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In a direct appeal to LP lawmakers in the 10th Assembly, Abure urged them to align with the party’s ideology of social justice and equal opportunity for all by resisting the proposed vehicle gift. The Labour Party’s stance underscores the growing discontent over perceived extravagance in government spending at a time of economic hardship for many Nigerians.



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