Lady catfishes her father as a potential lover on Tinder, collects money from him

A lady has gone online to tell the story of how she collected money from her father, who was looking for a lover.

In a tweet that has since gone viral, the lady said she deceived her father on Tinder, and he sent her money. The story gained traction on Twitter and got many reactions, but some people doubt her sincerity

She explained that the whole thing happened on Tinder, a popular dating app, where she said she catfished her father.

See the tweet below:

Varying reactions trailed the tweet, ranging from disbelief to amusement.

@mmase2mola : “Hard to believe cause that means you kept swiping until you ran into his page which is also tricking cause why would he put his actual pictures there if his old and married and what did you say for him to just randomly send a stranger money.”

@Khathu_M_ commented: “On other things that didn’t happen, but we have to tweet for engagement and clout.”

@hazel_phali reacted: “So you’re flirting with your dad?”

@nobengunii said: “Please see a psychiatrist soon.”

@realnickjgood commented: “Clearly, y’all have never been on Tinder, you don’t search for people like it’s Facebook.”

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