Manchester City’s Financial Fair Play Hearing Set for “Near Future,” Premier League Chief Reveals

Club Faces 115 Alleged Breaches of FFP Regulations Dating Back to 2009

Premier League chief Richard Masters has confirmed that Manchester City’s hearing for their 115 financial charges will occur in the “near future,” shedding light on the ongoing saga surrounding the club’s alleged breaches of Financial Fair Play (FFP) regulations.

The charges against Manchester City were initially announced in February 2023, encompassing 115 separate alleged breaches of the Premier League’s FFP rules spanning from 2009 to 2018. The club vehemently denies these charges.

In response to the allegations, Manchester City issued a statement expressing surprise at the charges and highlighting their cooperation with the Premier League’s investigation. The club welcomed an independent commission to review the matter and emphasized their confidence in the evidence supporting their position.

During a European Leagues press conference in London, Premier League CEO Richard Masters provided insight into the upcoming hearing, indicating that it will take place in the “near future.” However, no specific date was provided for the hearing.

Masters also outlined the complexity of City’s charges compared to recent cases involving other clubs such as Nottingham Forest and Everton. He clarified that the nature and volume of the charges against Manchester City require a different approach and environment for the hearing.

“The volume and character of the charges laid before Man City, which I cannot talk about at all, are being heard in a completely different environment,” Masters stated. “There is a date set for that proceeding.”

As Manchester City prepares for the hearing, the football world awaits the outcome of this significant case, which could have substantial ramifications for the club and FFP regulations in general.

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