Naval Headquarters Dismisses False Allegations Regarding Handover Process of Chief of Naval Staff

The Naval Headquarters has categorically refuted allegations that the outgoing Chief of Naval Staff (CNS), Vice Admiral Awwal Gambo, refused to hand over to Rear Admiral Emmanuel Ogalla, the newly appointed chief. In a statement released on Wednesday, Commodore Adedotun Ayo-Vaughan, the Director of Naval Information, emphasized that the handover process in the military follows a procedural framework.

Ayo-Vaughan addressed the misleading publications by certain online sources, branding them as malicious lies that have the potential to spread falsehoods among the unsuspecting public. He asserted the necessity of setting the record straight and clarifying the established procedures.

“In the Nigerian Navy, the handing and taking over ceremony has always been conducted in accordance with well-defined procedures,” Ayo-Vaughan stated. “Once the change of command is announced, the outgoing CNS is expected to provide a detailed briefing to the incoming CNS, tour important naval facilities, and participate in the ceremonial lowering of the ensign.”

He further explained that the planned events leading up to the formal handing and taking over ceremony had already commenced. These events adhere to long-standing naval traditions and are set to culminate in a public ceremony on Friday, June 23.

The Navy spokesperson also emphasized that sister services have also scheduled specific dates for their respective handover ceremonies, highlighting the standard practice across the military.

Ayo-Vaughan urged the public to disregard the “malicious publication and erroneous information,” emphasizing that they were mere figments of the reporter’s imagination. He called upon individuals to rely on accurate and verified sources of information rather than succumbing to misleading narratives.

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As the Nigerian Navy proceeds with its established protocols, the focus remains on a seamless transition of leadership and the continuation of their crucial responsibilities in safeguarding the nation’s waters and maintaining maritime security.

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