Nicki Minaj’s Husband, Kenneth Petty, Ordered to 120 Days of Home Detention for Probation Violation

Kenneth Petty, the husband of acclaimed rapper Nicki Minaj, has been mandated to serve 120 days of home detention after violating his probation conditions by issuing what appeared to be a social media threat directed at Offset, a member of the renowned hip-hop group Migos.

Petty’s home detention order was issued in response to his involvement in a video where he was recorded making threatening statements toward a specific individual, while also being in the company of an individual with a criminal record. This violation was reported in a court order from the Central District of California, as disclosed by The Hollywood Reporter. The court order explicitly mentioned Offset and cited a series of posts by Petty on September 16th, all of which were targeted at the Migos rapper.

In the video clip, (click here for video) Petty and several companions were captured outside a New York City hotel where Offset was allegedly staying. Petty can be heard uttering various threats, including the statement, “Plan that vacation, you gonna be planning your funeral p—-.”

Nicki Minaj herself appeared to respond to the controversy on her Instagram Stories on September 21st, remarking, “Can’t call the cops every time you flop. Just saying,” accompanied by a series of laughing emojis.

Kenneth Petty’s legal troubles date back to July 2022 when he was sentenced in Los Angeles for failing to register as a sex offender. His sentence included three years of probation, a year of home detention, and a $55,000 fine, as stipulated by the U.S. Attorney’s Office, as reported by CBS News. This sentence followed his designation as a level-two sex offender by the New York State Department, which categorizes him as having a moderate risk of reoffending. This classification stems from Petty’s 1994 conviction for attempted rape in the first degree, a charge dating back more than two decades before his marriage to Nicki Minaj.

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