Nigerian Chef Damilola Adeparusi Shatters World Cooking Record, Surpassing Hilda Baci’s Achievement

Damilola Adeparusi, a talented chef from Nigeria, has surpassed the 100-hour world cooking record previously held by Hilda Baci. The Ekiti-based chef took to her Twitter page in the early hours of Tuesday to announce her remarkable accomplishment. Baci had garnered attention a few weeks ago when she exceeded the world cooking record of 87 hours and 45 minutes set by Indian chef Lata Tondon in 2019. While Baci’s achievement awaits official certification by the Guinness World Records (GWR), Adeparusi’s feat has already made waves.

In a video shared by Adeparusi, who is aiming for a new cooking record of 120 hours, she and her colleagues can be seen joyously celebrating her successful completion of 100 hours. The FUOYE 300-level student kicked off her cooking marathon on June 9 and has since become an internet sensation, capturing the attention of people worldwide. As her attempt gained momentum, it also sparked diverse reactions from social media users. While some users applauded her courage and innovative initiative, others raised concerns about a supposed rivalry with Baci and accused her of attempting to undermine Baci’s accomplishment.

Yemi Oyebanji, the First Lady of Ekiti State, expressed her admiration for Adeparusi’s determination and courage, commending her efforts. Oyebanji recognized the significance of Adeparusi’s achievement and the positive impact it has on showcasing talent from Ekiti State. Moreover, Baci herself publicly declared her support for Adeparusi, putting to rest any rumored rivalry between the two chefs and emphasizing solidarity in their pursuit of culinary excellence.

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It is worth noting that while Adeparusi’s incredible feat is widely celebrated, official recognition from the Guinness World Records is still pending. The process of verifying and certifying such records involves meticulous assessment and validation by the GWR. However, regardless of the official certification, Adeparusi’s achievement stands as a testament to her dedication, endurance, and skill as a chef.

As Adeparusi continues her culinary journey and strives for the 120-hour cooking record, her determination and passion serve as an inspiration to aspiring chefs and individuals pursuing their dreams. Her extraordinary feat not only brings pride to Ekiti State but also shines a spotlight on the rich talent and potential within the Nigerian culinary landscape. Adeparusi’s success exemplifies the power of perseverance and the ability to overcome challenges in the pursuit of greatness.

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