Nigerian Singer Harrysong Sparks Marital Crisis, Urges Wife to Abort Third Pregnancy In Leaked Chat

Leaked Chat Reveals Heated Exchange Over Abortion and Allegations of Infidelity

Nigerian singer Harrysong is reportedly facing a marital crisis as leaked chat messages suggest he is urging his wife, Alexer, to abort her third pregnancy. In the exchange, Harrysong allegedly declares that he won’t take responsibility for the child due to issues in their relationship.

According to the leaked chat, the singer accuses his wife of neglecting his grandmother and failing to fulfill household responsibilities, prompting him to instruct her to use the money he sent her to terminate the pregnancy.

The conversation intensifies as Alexer questions Harrysong about other women, asking if the girls they are associated with are better than her. Surprisingly, the singer responds affirmatively, praising his alleged side chicks as fresher, elegant, educated, richer, more respectful, and reserved. He goes on to make explicit comparisons, claiming they have tighter physical features and superior character and values.

Harrysong asserts that he made the choice to marry his wife but insists he can’t be restricted in doing what he likes. He concludes the conversation with a stern directive for his wife to undergo an abortion, stating that he will not be responsible for any more children with her.

The singer, known for hits like “Reggae Blues,” had previously joked about taking a second wife during his wife’s birthday celebration in the past year. The couple, who got married in March 2022, shares two daughters, Daviva and Purity.

Harrysong had previously debunked rumors of welcoming twins with his ex-girlfriend, clarifying that his first child is Daviva, whom he shares with his wife. The singer had earlier announced the birth of a set of twins, Perez and Tare, with his then-girlfriend in 2017, only to later deny the existence of the twins and attribute the misinformation to his ex-girlfriend’s falsehoods.

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