Nigerian Singer Harrysong Warns Against Social Media Relationship Advice: “It’s Just a Hustle”

Unveiling the Dark Side of Influencer Guidance – A Cautionary Tale of Marital Strife and Unforeseen Consequences

In a recent social media update, Nigerian singer Harrysong has issued a strong warning to women, urging them to be cautious about taking relationship advice from social media platforms. The acclaimed artist highlighted that many content creators are primarily motivated by the pursuit of financial gain rather than genuine intentions to provide helpful guidance.

Harrysong took to his Instagram story to convey his message, sharing a poignant story to underscore his point. He recounted the tale of a woman who, faced with her husband’s infidelity, made the decision to end her four-year marriage, only to find herself entangled as a side chick in an affair with a married man.

The singer, known for his candid expressions, questioned the efficacy of seeking advice from online platforms, particularly from content creators who may themselves be grappling with personal challenges.

“Stop taking Dating Advice on social media ooooooo. It’s from a content creator. Na hustle. They themselves are seeking help,” Harrysong emphasized in his Instagram post.

The cautionary tale presented by the artist serves as a stark reminder of the potential pitfalls associated with relying on online advice, especially when the source may be driven more by financial motives than genuine concern for the well-being of their audience.

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