Nollywood Star Lilian Afegbai Shares Hilarious Encounter with Unconventional Lagos Big Boy

Actress Left in Shock as Social Gathering Takes an Unexpected Turn

In a tale of unexpected twists at a social gathering, popular Nollywood actress Lilian Afegbai recently recounted a surprising encounter with a self-proclaimed Lagos big boy, leaving both her and her followers amused and bewildered.

The incident unfolded during a conversation about relationships at the gathering, sparking an unexpected dialogue between Lilian and the eccentric Lagos big boy. To her astonishment, the actress revealed that she was in a committed relationship, only to receive an audacious proposition from the self-proclaimed big boy.

In a jaw-dropping revelation, the Lagos big boy boldly declared Lilian as his ideal woman, expressing a peculiar preference for being a “side boo.” His rationale, as explained to the actress, was centered around handling minor expenses while the main boyfriend shouldered more substantial financial responsibilities in the relationship.

Lilian Afegbai, captured in a video shared on her Instagram, expressed her amusement at the audacity of the Lagos big boy’s proposition. In the video, she humorously remarked that just when she thought she had seen it all with Lagos men, new and surprising discoveries continued to emerge.

Refusing to entertain the unconventional offer, Lilian gracefully declined, emphasizing her commitment to being a “baddie for Christ.” The actress shared the encounter with her followers on social media, showcasing her response to the amusing and unexpected situation.

Watch her speak below:

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