Offset and Cardi B Drop New Song “Jealousy” to Address Rumors. Watch Video

On Friday, July 28, hip-hop power couple Offset and Cardi B delighted fans with the release of their latest collaboration, the song and visual titled “Jealousy.” The release comes in the wake of recent rumors surrounding their relationship, and the duo aims to put these speculations to rest.

The track, which cleverly samples Three 6 Mafia’s “Jealous Ass Bitches,” appears to be a response to Offset’s now-deleted social media post from the previous month. In that post, Offset had claimed that Cardi cheated on him, prompting Cardi to respond with a video clip. “Jealousy” seems to address the situation head-on, suggesting that outsiders should focus on their own affairs instead of meddling in the couple’s relationship.

In the song, Cardi’s lyrics emphasize this sentiment, rapping, “You offended when I be on defense / They too worried ’bout me and my n—a / You should worry about that n—a yours sleep with, mm.” The message is clear – the couple is united and determined to address any rumors or doubts about their bond.

The song’s cover art further illustrates the theme, depicting Cardi pushing Offset away in an homage to the infidelity-stricken relationship between Jody and Yvette in the iconic 2001 movie “Baby Boy.” To enhance the visual storytelling, Taraji P. Henson, who portrayed Yvette in the film, makes a cameo appearance in the music video. Notably, all of Offset’s children also make an appearance in the visual.

Watch video below:

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