President Tinubu Denounces NLC Protest, Asserts Labor Not Sole Voice of Nigeria (Video)

Warns Labor Movement Amid Commissioning of Lagos Red Line Train

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu delivered a stern rebuke to the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) on Thursday, cautioning the union against presuming itself as the exclusive representative of the people. His remarks came during the inauguration ceremony of the Lagos Red Line Train, linking Agbado to Oyingbo.

Tinubu’s condemnation followed the recent protest staged by the NLC, citing national hardships and grievances over unfulfilled government agreements. However, Tinubu criticized the NLC’s stance, reminding them of the youthfulness of the current administration, just nine months old, and asserting that they cannot dictate terms with such tenure.

In his address, Tinubu reaffirmed his commitment to ongoing reforms despite opposition from what he referred to as “smugglers.” He also underscored the government’s determination to combat corruption vigorously.

While acknowledging the temporary challenges posed by the removal of fuel subsidy and currency exchange rate unification, Tinubu assured Nigerians of brighter prospects ahead, urging perseverance and diligence.

Directing his message at the NLC, Tinubu emphasized that the labor union does not hold a monopoly on the nation’s voices and rights. He cautioned against disrupting peace, urging them to channel their aspirations through the electoral process, slated for 2027.

“The Labour Union should understand that you are not the only with freedom and rights. If you want to participate in the electoral process, meet us in 2027. If not maintain peace. You are not only voice of Nigeria,” remarked the President.

Furthermore, Tinubu hailed the inauguration of the red line as the realization of a vision nurtured 25 years ago during his tenure as the state governor. He called for increased collaboration between the Ministry of Transport and other states to expand railway infrastructure development nationwide.

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