Rashford’s Night Out: Manchester United Star Reportedly Had a 12-Hour Tequila Binge

Star Forward Fined and Benched Following 12-Hour Bender and Missed Training Session

Manchester United’s Marcus Rashford finds himself in hot water after a night of tequila-fuelled revelry in Belfast, resulting in fines from the club and his absence from a crucial training session and a subsequent match.

According to reports, Rashford’s escapades began last week when he embarked on a 12-hour bender in Belfast, consuming tequila shots and cocktails during a night out with friends. The forward, who allegedly fell into bed fully clothed at 3 am, later reported feeling unwell to Manchester United officials, leading to his absence from the FA Cup win over Newport.

The Sun detailed Rashford’s night out, stating that the England international visited a friend in Belfast and engaged in a mission to get drunk. Waitress Sarah Adair claimed she served Rashford lunch but ended up putting him to bed after he focused on tequila rather than food. Adair stated that Rashford inquired about clubs staying open past the usual 3 am closing time.

After changing at home, Rashford and his entourage reportedly booked the top floor of Villa Italia restaurant, bringing their own bottle of tequila. Adair alleges that Rashford and his group continued their night out at Thompson’s Garage nightclub, where he was pictured just hours before his scheduled training session at Carrington.

While a source close to Rashford claimed he left the nightclub at 1.15 am, Adair insisted they stayed until 2 am when Rashford’s security team urged him to retire. The group then returned to the Fitzwilliam Hotel, where Adair claimed she put Rashford to bed fully dressed.

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Rashford’s failure to attend Friday’s training session and subsequent omission from the Newport match resulted in a reported two weeks’ wage fine from Manchester United. Despite the disciplinary action, the club issued a statement declaring the matter closed, stating, “Marcus has taken responsibility for his actions. This has been dealt with as an internal disciplinary matter, which is now closed.”

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