Sir Jim Ratcliffe Holds Upper Hand in Manchester United Takeover Race Against Sheikh Jassim

Glazer Family Leans Toward Ratcliffe’s Revised Bid Amidst Year-Long Saga

In a protracted battle for control of Manchester United, Sir Jim Ratcliffe appears to be gaining the upper hand over Sheikh Jassim in the race to acquire the football giant from the Glazer family.

The year-long saga, initiated by the Glazer family’s strategic review last November, has seen Sheikh Jassim and Sir Jim Ratcliffe emerge as the frontrunners for ownership of the iconic club.

Sheikh Jassim’s reported £5 billion offer for a 100% sale of the club has been accompanied by promises of substantial investment, while Ratcliffe, initially eyeing the Glazers’ 67% stake, has now revised his bid. His latest proposal offers £1.5 billion for a 25% share, allowing the current owners to retain control initially before a phased takeover.

Bloomberg reports that Ratcliffe’s modified offer has given him the edge in the eyes of the Glazers, who reportedly prefer his proposal over a complete takeover.

An upcoming board meeting, scheduled in the coming days, is expected to delve into in-depth discussions regarding Ratcliffe’s latest bid. However, sources suggest there is no certainty that the Glazers will agree to the deal, and there remains a glimmer of hope that Sheikh Jassim might revise his bid.

Amidst the high-stakes negotiations, Manchester United legend David Beckham expressed his interest in the ongoing developments. Although Beckham maintains a “long-standing relationship” with Qatar, possibly favoring Sheikh Jassim’s bid, he emphasized the importance of the club’s future being entrusted to those who care about it the most. Beckham remarked, “We all have our own opinions on who we feel should take over, but in my opinion, it’s whoever cares about the club the most and who can take it back to where it should be.”

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As the football world anxiously awaits the outcome of the impending board meeting, the fate of Manchester United hangs in the balance, with the potential for a historic ownership shift on the horizon.

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