Swae Lee Faces Backlash on Twitter Over Amapiano Tweet , Clarifies Intent in a Video

American singer Swae Lee has come under fire on Twitter after his recent tweet regarding Amapiano, a popular music genre that has been making waves in the Nigerian music industry since its mainstream emergence in 2020. The tweet sparked outrage among South Africans, who accused the artist of attempting to claim Nigeria as the origin of the genre.

Having recently visited Nigeria, Swae Lee took to Twitter to express his excitement about joining the Amapiano sound. In his tweet, he juxtaposed a Nigerian message alongside the term “Amapiano.” However, South African Twitter users quickly interpreted this as an attempt to appropriate the genre and ignite a conflict between Nigerians and South Africans over its ownership.

In response to the heavy criticism, Swae Lee took to Twitter once again, this time sharing a video to explain the context behind his tweet and to clarify that he had no intention of inciting any conflicts. The American musician expressed his gratitude to Nigerians for introducing him to Amapiano and emphasized his respect for the genre’s creators.

Swae Lee acknowledged that he tweeted in enthusiasm to showcase his appreciation for Amapiano, which he encountered during his visit to Nigeria. He also called upon Africans from all over the continent to avoid misinterpreting his tweet or the music itself. Additionally, he revealed that he has an upcoming Amapiano album, further indicating his genuine interest and commitment to the genre.

The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of cultural sensitivity and understanding in the age of social media, where messages can be easily misconstrued. Swae Lee’s clarification video aimed to address the concerns and provide a more nuanced perspective on his initial tweet, which had stirred a heated online debate.

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