Temmie Ovwasa Alleges Mistreatment by YBNL Boss Olamide and Wife

Rising Nigerian songstress Temmie Ovwasa has once again come forward to voice her grievances and accusations against her former record label, YBNL, its founder Olamide, and his wife Bukunmi. In a detailed and candid statement, Temmie revealed her tumultuous experiences, alleging mistreatment by the prominent couple.

Temmie entered the music industry with dreams of pursuing her passion for singing, but her journey took a different turn as she recounted facing disrespect and classism behind closed doors from Olamide’s wife. The songstress claimed that she had been presented as the “princess” of YBNL, only to endure a series of unsettling experiences.

According to Temmie, public humiliations orchestrated by Olamide’s wife were a recurring theme in her life. She revealed that she felt fortunate not to have encountered the aggressive side of Olamide’s wife, who consistently reminded her of her modest background from Ilorin.

The singer described moments of public embarrassment when accompanying Olamide’s wife, whom she characterized as “mean,” during outings. She recounted how surreal it felt to address Olamide’s wife as “ma,” considering there was only a two-year age gap between them.

One of the more uncomfortable aspects of Temmie’s time at YBNL was her role as an errand girl for Olamide’s wife. She expressed her discomfort in being placed in a household dynamic with the couple.

Temmie further revealed instances when Olamide’s wife would spray perfume on her, seemingly as a response to her perception of Temmie’s financial background. Ironically, she pointed out that Olamide’s wife didn’t hesitate to employ a nanny to care for her child.

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Accusations of discussions regarding her sexuality, communication style, and struggles with double speak were also leveled at the couple. Temmie suggested these concerns might have been symptoms of autism, a condition she was unaware of during her time at YBNL.

During her tenure with YBNL, Temmie claimed to have recorded over 25 songs, only to have producer Pheelz allegedly misplace the hard drive containing these tracks. She disclosed that, in five years, she released just four songs while noting that she has recorded and released three albums since parting ways with YBNL.

Temmie directly addressed allegations of drug use and depression that had surfaced when she previously spoke out about her experiences. She vehemently denied any involvement with hard drugs and emphasized her history of mental health struggles.

Her decision to speak out again was prompted by recent discussions surrounding the tragic death of Mohbad, which brought back painful memories of her own difficult experiences at YBNL.

Temmie criticized Olamide for a pattern of elevating artists to global platforms and then seemingly abandoning them. She accused him of mismanaging multiple artists simultaneously and expressed dissatisfaction with the compensation she received during her time with YBNL.

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