Tension Erupts in BBNaija House As Pere Damages Wall With a Punch in Heated Clash

The BBNaija house was filled with tension on Friday as Pere Egbi vented his anger by damaging a wall during a heated clash with fellow housemate Doyin. The dramatic episode began unfolding on Thursday night when a parrot provided by Biggie stirred controversy by revealing Doyin’s alleged gossip about Pere, Cross, and Kim Oprah.

The parrot’s disclosure included claims that Doyin had referred to Pere as a ‘weakling.’ Doyin vehemently denied these allegations, insisting that her words were taken out of context.

On Friday, Doyin further alleged that Pere had informed her about Cross’s confession of having feelings for Nengi, a former BBNaija housemate. She also claimed that Pere had questioned Cross’s romantic pursuit of Kim Oprah while already having another love interest.

Pere strongly refuted these allegations, asserting that no such conversation had taken place. However, Doyin persisted in labeling him a “liar.”

Tempers flared, leading Pere to confront Doyin in the dressing room, where he challenged her to repeat her accusations. In response, Doyin once again accused him of lying and dared him to strike her if he so wished. In a fit of anger, Pere punched the wall, causing visible damage.

The intervention of other housemates, including Neo and Cross, was necessary to prevent the situation from escalating further.

As of now, Big Brother has not taken any official action against Pere. It remains uncertain whether the house’s rule book contains specific sanctions for damages caused during such incidents.

The BBNaija All Stars season commenced on July 23, with the finale set to take place on October 1. The winner of this season will receive a record-breaking cash prize of N120 million, the highest ever in the history of Big Brother Naija.

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