Tiwa Savage Teases Fans with Playful Antics, Drops Hints at Finding Love Again

Nigerian Songstress Shares Playful Video, Leaving Fans Eager for Her Next Chapter in Romance

Nigerian music sensation Tiwa Savage, known for her chart-topping hits, has sparked speculation about her romantic endeavors with a recent Instagram post. The 43-year-old, who is a single mother, shared a playful video featuring actor Tobi Bakre and his wife, Anu, engaging in lighthearted banter, prompting Tiwa to playfully address her “future boo.”

Taking to her Instagram story, Tiwa reposted the amusing video, showcasing the playful interaction between Tobi Bakre and his wife at a fuel station. The video captured Anu, Tobi’s wife, pretending to be an admirer at the fuel station, leading to humorous banter between the couple.

In the video, Anu jokingly expressed interest in Tobi, saying, “You are very fine, I will give you my phone number, you should call me.” Tobi, in turn, responded with witty remarks about the various types of “servicing” he provides for interested individuals.

Tiwa Savage accompanied the reposted video with a note directed at her future partner. “Future boo, get ready for these types of play because I am a very playful person,” she captioned the post. The singer’s playful hint at finding love again has since garnered reactions from social media users, expressing hope to see Tiwa Savage embark on a new romantic journey following her previous divorce.

Fans and followers eagerly await Tiwa Savage’s next chapter in romance, as the music icon leaves subtle hints about her playful approach to love in the entertaining Instagram post. Watch the video below for a glimpse into Tiwa Savage’s humorous perspective on future relationships.

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