Tolanibaj’s BBL Surgery Video Leaked, Sparks Social Media Frenzy

In a surprising turn of events, a video showcasing the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) surgery of BBNaija reality star Tolanibaj has surfaced on the internet, causing a stir among fans and followers.

The leaked video has catapulted Tolanibaj, often referred to as Tbaj, to the top trends on the micro-blogging platform X (formerly Twitter). Social media is abuzz with discussions and reactions as the footage captures the reality star undergoing a butt enhancement procedure. The video provides a before-and-after look, revealing Tolanibaj’s apparent satisfaction with the results of the surgery.

Responding to the viral video, Tolanibaj took to social media, expressing her sentiments about the situation without explicitly confirming or denying the BBL procedure. In her response, she wrote, “Lmao. I love the internet ❤️🤭.”

The leak has fueled discussions about the increasing trend of celebrities undergoing cosmetic procedures and the impact of such revelations on their public image. As the video continues to circulate on various social media platforms, fans are eagerly awaiting Tolanibaj’s potential further comments or clarifications on the matter.

Watch the video below:

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