Tonto Dikeh Spills the Tea: Ex-Boyfriend Hooks Up with Her BFF in Surprise Wedding!

Nollywood Star Discloses Details of Unconventional Union on Instagram

renowned Nollywood actress and politician Tonto Dikeh recently took to her Instagram to drop a bombshell – her ex-boyfriend is set to tie the knot with none other than her close friend. Known for her controversial nature, Dikeh spilled the beans on the impending wedding, sharing intriguing details about her past with the groom-to-be.

Expressing both joy and a tinge of regret, Tonto Dikeh disclosed on her Instagram account that the couple would be exchanging vows the following day. The actress candidly admitted that she had consciously chosen not to marry her ex-boyfriend in the past, fearing that her extravagant lifestyle might have adverse effects on his mental well-being.

In her Instagram post, she wrote, “I honestly need a PA. My ex is getting married to my friend tomorrow. I totally forgot, don’t have an outfit. I love them both. He honestly deserves this happiness because I almost made that man run mad. I don’t attend the wedding; I’ll be seen as a bitter ex, plus I was paid to be there.”

Dikeh left a door open to the possibility of attending the wedding, emphasizing the importance of being present to avoid the stigma of a “bitter ex.” She further revealed the peculiarity of the situation, mentioning that she had been financially compensated to attend the event, shedding light on the unconventional circumstances surrounding the union.

See her post below:

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