Unfazed by FA Charge, Arteta Vows to Speak Out on Refereeing Standards, Ready to Challenge Controversial Decision in the Face of Possible Sanctions

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta remains resolute in his commitment to speaking out against the standard of officiating in the Premier League, even if it results in further controversy and potential repercussions from the Football Association (FA).

Arteta’s determination to voice his opinions landed him in hot water with the FA last week, following a heated outburst after Anthony Gordon’s decisive goal for Newcastle during Arsenal’s clash at St James’ Park on November 4. Despite three separate VAR checks confirming the goal’s validity, Arteta labeled the decision an “absolute disgrace” and “embarrassing,” expressing his deep dissatisfaction with the state of refereeing in the league.

The Arsenal manager is currently contesting the FA charge stemming from his outspoken comments, but a verdict is not expected until after Saturday’s game against Brentford. Possible penalties, including fines or touchline bans, loom on the horizon, yet Arteta remains undeterred in his commitment to speaking out in the future.

Premier League managers routinely engage in meetings with officials throughout the season, and Arteta disclosed that he participated in one prior to the Newcastle defeat. Speaking on the matter, Arteta asserted, “I am going to speak. I think you have to be yourself, and as a leader, you have to be authentic. You cannot be someone that you are not, and this is who I am — here, when I am on the pitch, when I am there.”

Undeterred by potential consequences, Arteta emphasized the importance of dialogue for improvement, stating, “And I want to think that we have to talk to make things better; that’s why we have meetings and I talk.”

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The Arsenal boss highlighted his straightforward approach in expressing his opinions, not shying away from critiquing himself when necessary. As the possibility of sanctions looms, Arteta’s unwavering commitment to vocalizing his concerns on officiating sets the stage for a continued clash of opinions within the world of Premier League football.

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