Why the Newcastle VS Arsenal VAR Decision stood

Controversial Goal Leaves Gunners Fuming as Unbeaten Streak Comes to an End

In a nail-biting encounter at St James’ Park, Newcastle secured a 1-0 victory over Arsenal in a match that will be remembered for a controversial VAR decision. The pivotal moment came in the 64th minute when Alex Gordon scrambled the ball over the line, triggering a lengthy VAR review.

Officials meticulously examined three potential offences during the build-up to the goal: whether the ball went out of play, if Joelinton fouled Gabriel Magalhaes, and if Gordon himself was offside. The tension heightened as the review extended over four minutes, keeping fans on the edge of their seats.

Ultimately, the goal was allowed to stand, leaving the Gunners irate. Sky Sports reported that there was ‘no available angle to see the point of contact’ concerning the possible offside against Gordon. Commentator Gary Neville expressed the uncertainty, saying, “It’s close. Very, very close. What’s not in doubt is the goal itself.”

Neville dissected the contentious moments, analyzing Joelinton’s challenge on Magalhaes and the tight decision on whether the ball had gone out of play. He questioned the feasibility of checking the curve of the ball, emphasizing the difficulty in making such precise calls.

Despite the heated discussions, Newcastle held on for the 1-0 victory, dealing a blow to Arsenal’s previously unbeaten start to the Premier League season. The defeat sees Arsenal now in third place, trailing behind Tottenham and Manchester City in the league standings. The contentious VAR decision will undoubtedly be a talking point in the aftermath of this thrilling encounter.

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