Adanma Luke Addresses Tragic Boat Accident: “I Blame Myself”

Movie Producer Responds to Accusations of Negligence After Crew Members’ Deaths

Adanma Luke, a prominent movie producer and actress, has finally spoken out about the devastating boat accident that claimed the lives of several crew members, including actor Junior Pope, during the filming of “Another Side of Life.”

The tragic incident occurred in the River Niger area, where Junior Pope and others drowned while returning from the movie set. Despite efforts to resuscitate him, Junior Pope was confirmed dead on Wednesday night.

In the aftermath of the accident, Adanma Luke faced severe criticism and accusations of negligence from various quarters, demanding that she take responsibility for the tragedy.

Bowing to public pressure, Adanma voluntarily presented herself to the police for questioning. However, she took to her Instagram account on Saturday to share her side of the story in a heartfelt video.

Expressing deep sorrow and trauma, Adanma revealed, “I’ve been so traumatised, this whole thing still feels like a dream to me. I just wish I could wake up from this dream.” She admitted feeling responsible for the accident, stating, “I blame myself for coming down to Asaba.”

Adanma recounted that she was initially supposed to be on the ill-fated boat but was informed by a crew member named Emeka about the accident upon her arrival.

Highlighting a crucial detail, she mentioned that life jackets were provided free of charge. “Why me💔 Life jacket was free 🥹,” Adanma captioned the emotional video.

Additionally, Adanma reassured the public that she is making arrangements to repatriate the bodies of the victims for proper burial.

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The video shared by Adanma Luke has sparked discussions online, with many expressing sympathy and understanding for the difficult situation she is facing.

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