Samklef Slams Davido for Disrespect and Instagram Block Over Leaked Twins’ Video

Music Producer Expresses Frustration at Davido’s Actions, Questions Fair Treatment

Renowned musician and producer, Samklef, has publicly criticized Davido for what he perceives as disrespectful behavior and singling him out for humiliation. The dispute stems from Samklef’s posting of a leaked video featuring Davido’s twins. The Afrobeats sensation had previously criticized Samklef for sharing a video of Chioma leaving the hospital and disclosing the gender of the babies.

In response to Davido’s criticism, the acclaimed producer was allegedly blocked on Instagram, a move that left Samklef feeling upset and unfairly treated.

Samklef, in a pointed reminder to Davido, highlighted that he was a part of the music industry before Davido entered it. Emphasizing that he was not the source of the leaked video but someone within his circle, Samklef expressed bewilderment at being singled out for Davido’s ire and wondered whether he was considered an easy target for such outbursts.

Not one to back down, Samklef fired back at Davido, labeling him as the “biggest clout chaser in the industry.”

Watch him speak below:

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