American Singer Ava Max Slapped Onstage During Los Angeles Concert (video)

In a shocking incident at her Los Angeles concert, American singer Ava Max, 29, was slapped by a fan who rushed onto the stage. The assault took place on Tuesday night during Max’s ongoing US tour, which began two weeks ago with performances in cities such as Boston and Philadelphia.

As Max was performing, an overzealous concertgoer managed to reach the stage and strike the singer before being restrained by security personnel. Despite the attack, Max showed resilience by rubbing the affected area and continuing her performance. Shortly after the incident, she took to Twitter to condemn the assault and declared that the assailant would be banned from future shows.

In her tweet, Max expressed the severity of the slap, stating that it had caused a scratch on the inside of her eye. She expressed gratitude to her fans for their support and praised their enthusiasm during the Los Angeles concert. This incident follows another recent case where Bebe Rexha was targeted by an audience member who threw a phone at her during a performance. The perpetrator in that case, identified as Nicolas Malvagna, was charged with assault.

Ava Max, originally named Amanda Ava Koci, is known for her exceptional songwriting skills. She gained prominence after signing with Atlantic Records in 2016 and achieved success with her hit song “Sweet but Psycho” released in August 2018.

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The assault on Ava Max highlights the issue of safety and security during live performances, as it comes just days after Bebe Rexha’s similar encounter. The perpetrator in this case was arraigned before the Manhattan Criminal Court on Monday to face legal consequences for his actions. Concert organizers and artists continue to grapple with ensuring the safety of performers and attendees at live events.

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