Angel Smith Offers Relationship Advice: “Life’s Too Short to Beef Exes”

Former Big Brother Naija Housemate Advocates for Reconciliation Amid Breakup Rumors

Former Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eyes contestant Angel Smith has taken to social media to share valuable relationship advice with her followers, urging singles to consider reconnecting with their ex-partners. The reality star, known for her candid demeanor, emphasized the importance of letting go of grudges and embracing positivity in relationships.

Via the micro-blogging platform X, formerly Twitter, Angel encouraged individuals to reconcile with their former partners, stressing that life is too short to hold onto animosity. She specifically recommended returning to exes, particularly those born under the zodiac signs Cancer or Libra, humorously suggesting that for some, it might be best to “just go back to bed.”

Angel’s message comes amid recent personal developments in her own life. Just days ago, she announced her decision to embark on a celibacy journey, expressing her intention to drink okra water as part of her commitment to this lifestyle change. Despite the challenges she may face, Angel asked for her fans’ support and wished for luck as she embraced this new chapter.

Speculation about Angel’s relationship status intensified last week when she unfollowed her rumored partner, Soma Apex, on Instagram and removed all photos of them together from her profile. While Soma has not taken similar actions, fueling breakup rumors, Angel has seemingly moved forward and showcased a new mystery companion.

However, recent online interactions involving Angel’s family have added to the intrigue surrounding her personal life. Angel’s mother, Titilaya Brownsugar, engaged in a heated exchange with a social media user who criticized Angel and Soma. The altercation erupted after Soma revealed his spiritual journey, prompting assumptions about the state of his relationship with Angel. Titilaya came to her daughter’s defense, condemning the troll’s remarks and asserting that she had raised Angel well.

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As Angel navigates the complexities of love and relationships in the public eye, her candid advice and personal experiences continue to resonate with fans, sparking conversations about forgiveness, growth, and the pursuit of happiness in matters of the heart.

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