Angela Okorie Raises Doubts About Uche Elendu’s Birth Certificate Calls Stella Dimoko Korkus a “Low-Budget Chucky”

The Nollywood industry has been buzzing with controversy as Angela Okorie casts doubt on the authenticity of a birth certificate attributed to her colleague, Uche Elendu. The ongoing debate revolves around Uche Elendu’s real age, which came into question after a leaked photograph of her birth certificate surfaced shortly after she celebrated her 40th birthday. While Uche openly disclosed her age, Angela Okorie and some social media users expressed skepticism, suspecting that she may be older than stated.

The situation took a new turn when blogger Stella Dimoko Korkus posted a birth certificate on her Instagram page, seemingly confirming Uche Elendu’s claim of being born in 1983, aligning with her stated age of 40. However, Angela Okorie publicly dismissed the credibility of the leaked certificate and challenged Uche Elendu to provide her WAEC (West African Examinations Council) result as proof.

In a statement, Angela Okorie stated, “

In a statement, Angela Okorie stated, “This Low budget chucky wants to prove
A point ,for Lagos oluwole fit run birth certificate within 2hours
I dare you and Uche to bring WAEC result
I dey work pass FBI if I mean you 🤣
you go kwere , I go soon drag u with DNA test make una leave me o or be ready📌
Make una warn this low budget chucky
4 the last time 🥹sha hmm

Guys drop your account numbers make I drop money for cold Zobo and Data we have a long day 😉
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The exchange between the two actresses has captured the attention of fans and industry observers, intensifying the debate surrounding Uche Elendu’s age. As the controversy continues, many are eager to see how Uche Elendu will respond to Angela Okorie’s challenge and whether further evidence will be presented to shed light on the matter.

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