Asake Makes Exciting Album Announcement: Unveils New Single ‘Amapiano’ Featuring Olamide

Nigerian music sensation Asake, widely recognized as the face of YBNL, has made a grand entrance with his enthralling new single “Amapiano,” offering fans a taste of what to expect from his eagerly awaited second album. Collaborating with his label boss, Olamide, the duo achieves an unparalleled level of perfection in this outstanding piece. The release of “Amapiano” provides a glimpse into Asake’s forthcoming album, “Work of Art,” which was announced earlier today.

In his distinct style, Asake expertly celebrates the fusion of the renowned South African genre, Amapiano, with the vibrant Nigerian music scene. “Amapiano” captivates listeners with its infectious blend of lively beats, vibrant melodies, and catchy hooks. The song reaches new heights with Asake and Olamide’s natural chemistry, resulting in a dynamic collaboration that promises to deliver an eargasmic experience.

Produced by Asake’s trusted partner, Magicsticks, “Amapiano” marks the artist’s third official release of the year, following his previous hit, “2:30.” The duo’s collaboration has consistently yielded exceptional productions, showcasing their winning formula. Asake’s dynamic vocals and contagious melodies flawlessly intertwine with Magicsticks’ mesmerizing backdrop in the new single, demonstrating the seamless synergy between the artist and producer.

Prepare to be mesmerized by Asake’s captivating sound, as he seamlessly blends Amapiano elements with his unique artistic touch. With the backing of Olamide and the distinct perspective he brings to his music, Asake’s sophomore album promises to be an extraordinary musical journey. Stay tuned for the album release to fully immerse yourself in Asake’s incredible artistic vision.

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As fans eagerly await the arrival of Asake’s highly anticipated album, “Work of Art,” they can revel in the infectious allure of “Amapiano,” a track that showcases the artist’s prowess and sets the stage for an unforgettable musical experience.

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