Skepta Applauds Odumodublvck as He Hits One Million Monthly Listeners on Spotify

Renowned Nigerian-British singer Chief Joseph Olaitan Adenuga Jr, widely known as Skepta or Big Smoke, has expressed admiration for Odumodublvck after the rising star surpassed one million monthly listeners on Spotify.

Taking to his official social media platform, Skepta acknowledged the recent milestone achieved by Odumodublvck, who has been creating a buzz in the music scene. The news of Odumodublvck’s achievement brought immense joy to Big Smoke and sparked speculation among fans that a collaboration between the two artists might be in the works.

Odumodublvck has been enjoying a remarkable year in 2023, with several notable figures from the industry engaging with his music and expressing their enthusiasm for his songs. His latest release soared to the number one spot on the Spotify Top Songs Nigeria (Daily) chart, further solidifying his growing popularity.

The breakthrough for Odumodublvck came with his debut song titled “Declan Rice,” which was unveiled on Friday, March 24, 2023. The track arrived shortly after the artist narrowly escaped a life-threatening operation.

Moreover, on the official TurnTable Nigeria Top 100 Songs list, Odumodublvck achieved his first top 10 position, ranking at number eight on March 27, 2023. “Declan Rice” has also claimed the top spot on TheCable Lifestyle airplay chart as of April 1, 2023, solidifying its widespread appeal.

With Skepta’s acknowledgment and Odumodublvck’s continued success, the rising star’s journey in the music industry is poised to reach even greater heights, captivating audiences with his talent and unique sound.

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