Asake’s Friends Complain He No Longer Replies to Their Messages – Yemi Elesho (Video)

Skit Maker Provides Insight into Singer’s Changing Relationships Amidst Fame

Yemi Elesho, a prominent skit maker and content creator, has opened up about the growing dissatisfaction among Asake’s former acquaintances regarding what they perceive as his disregard for their messages since attaining stardom.

In an exclusive interview with Echo Room, Elesho shared insights into Asake’s early struggles and the evolving dynamics of his relationships since rising to fame. Recounting their shared experiences at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Elesho revealed that Asake faced financial hardships during his university years, relying heavily on the generosity of friends to make ends meet, including struggles to afford accommodation.

Acknowledging the singer’s subsequent success, Elesho highlighted a noticeable shift in Asake’s interactions with his old circle of friends. While Asake’s rise to prominence has undoubtedly altered his social dynamics, Elesho offered a perspective suggesting that such changes are natural given the demands and limitations of fame.

Elesho stated, “Asake is big and a lot of his friends are complaining that he doesn’t reply to their messages, but it’s a natural thing. He can’t carry everybody along.”

The interview provides a nuanced understanding of the complexities surrounding Asake’s journey from obscurity to fame, shedding light on the challenges of balancing personal relationships with the pressures of celebrity status. Asake’s story serves as a reminder of the sacrifices and adjustments often required on the path to success in the entertainment industry.


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