Hotkid Reveals Heartfelt Tale of Sheltering Asake: From Homelessness to Stardom (video)

Nigerian Singer Opens Up About Supporting Afrobeats Star Through Challenging Times

In a touching revelation, Nigerian singer and songwriter Adeola Moshood, popularly known as Hotkid, recently shared the emotional story of providing shelter and support to Afrobeats sensation Asake during his difficult days before achieving stardom.

Hotkid, known for hits like “Ozana” and “Freaky,” disclosed the details of Asake’s challenging journey to fame during an exclusive interview on the Hip TV program “Trending,” hosted by KimOprah. According to Hotkid, Asake, the acclaimed ‘Yoga’ crooner, was once homeless and had been moving between different places. In 2020, Asake found refuge under Hotkid’s roof, marking a period of temporary stability in his tumultuous journey.

During the heartfelt interview, Hotkid narrated the struggles Asake faced before securing a record deal with YBNL, a label owned by top rapper Olamide. Hotkid, who shares the same birthday with Asake, shed light on the severe depression that Asake experienced during his time in Hotkid’s care.

Hotkid recalled a poignant night when Asake confided in him about his struggles and expressed a desire for a more stable living situation. It was a period when Asake was navigating the challenges of establishing himself in the competitive music industry.

In Hotkid’s own words:

“The funny thing is that I never knew there was depression. Now let me just tell you this story real quick. In early 2020, Asake was in my room; he said he was depressed. I didn’t understand.”

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“Asake is my birthday mate. He was sleeping in my room. Then he didn’t have an apartment. So he was just shuffling people’s houses. He was in my room one night and was like how long does he wanna do this. I was cheering him up. I didn’t know that my own depression was coming.”

Hotkid emphasized the importance of empathy and refraining from judgment, urging people to consider that they may not fully understand the challenges others are facing. The revealing interview showcased the depth of Hotkid and Asake’s friendship and highlighted the resilience and determination that can lead from difficult circumstances to musical stardom.

Watch him speak below:

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