Ayra Starr Talks Love and Relationships: Hopeful for Romance Ahead

Nigerian Singer Shares Insights on Being Single and Finding Love in the Future

Nigerian music sensation Ayra Starr recently delved into her personal life, shedding light on her current relationship status and her optimistic outlook towards love.

At 21 years old, the talented songstress revealed that she is currently single but remains hopeful about discovering love in the near future.

During a captivating interview with Angela Yee, Ayra Starr candidly discussed her romantic journey and addressed questions about her love life. When probed about her relationship status, the artiste admitted that she hasn’t found love yet but expressed eagerness for a romantic connection soon.

The ‘Sability’ singer also opened up about unintentionally causing heartbreaks in the past, clarifying that any instances of heartache were not intentional on her part.

“I am not in love yet but [I will be] soon. I have broken a few hearts. Not on purpose, though. In case I’ve broken anybody’s heart, it has not been on purpose,” Ayra Starr shared during the interview.

full interview below:

Her candid and heartfelt revelations have resonated with fans, showcasing her vulnerability and genuine desire for love in her life.

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