Tiwa Savage Reflects on Early Career Criticisms and Praises Ayra Starr’s Resilience

Nigerian singer shares her journey and admiration for the rising star

Nigerian singer Tiwa Savage recently opened up about the heavy criticism she faced early in her career over her “sexy” fashion style and “risky” lyrics. Speaking in an interview with Kiss FM, UK, Savage recounted the challenges she faced as a young artist trying to establish herself in the music industry.

Savage expressed her deep admiration for Ayra Starr, noting how Starr has managed to shine on the global music scene despite facing similar criticisms from Nigerians about her dress sense.

“I love Ayra [Starr]. I’m obsessed with her. She’s amazing and genuine, too. It makes me emotional because when I started, I got criticised a lot for dressing too sexy and my lyrics being too risky,” Savage shared.

She continued, “Seeing someone like Ayra now…If I see her wearing the short skirts as they [critics] say, I’m like, ‘Make it shorter.’ And she looks amazing, she’s extremely talented. Yeah, she’s a star.”

Savage’s reflections highlight the pressures female artists often face regarding their appearance and artistic choices, and her praise for Starr underscores the importance of supporting and uplifting fellow artists in the industry.

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