Barcelona and PSG on the Verge of Ousmane Dembele Transfer: A Pact Reached

Barcelona is gearing up for a crucial transfer negotiation with Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) as they seek to secure a more substantial deal for the talented winger Ousmane Dembele. While both clubs are in talks, it appears that Barcelona has reluctantly accepted an offer of €50m for the French star, despite his release clause escalating to €100m on August 1st.

Reports suggest that a pact has been established between Barcelona and Dembele, ensuring they will consider an offer of €50m for the player. Out of this amount, €25m will be allocated to Dembele and his agent Moussa Sissoko. Despite this agreement, Barcelona aims to negotiate a higher fee with PSG in the coming days to ensure they receive better compensation for the young winger’s departure.

The negotiations between Sissoko and Barcelona have been complex, and although they are still in talks with PSG, both Barcelona and their new coach Xavi Hernandez have seemingly resigned themselves to losing Dembele. With the imminent transfer to the Parc des Princes, it appears that the French forward’s move is only a matter of time.

Critics may argue that Barcelona should have locked Dembele into a new deal before the transfer window or avoided agreeing to a relatively low release clause. However, the challenges faced during the negotiations indicate that other options may not have been viable. It’s been reported that Dembele’s salary at PSG will be a staggering €20m per annum, representing a significant increase of 33.3% over the maximum indicated by their salary cap.

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