BBNaija All Stars Winner Ilebaye Odiniya Sets the Record Straight on her Victory

Ilebaye Odiniya, the triumphant winner of BBNaija All Stars, has addressed and dispelled speculations surrounding her victory, asserting that it was not solely based on pity votes due to perceived fragility. In an exclusive interview with Lagos Talks 91.3 radio, the 22-year-old millionaire clarified the circumstances surrounding her win, attributing it to genuine viewer support and impeccable timing.

During the interview, Ilebaye candidly addressed the lingering notion that her success in the BBNaija All Stars house was a result of sympathy and pity votes, fueled by her perceived vulnerability compared to other, seemingly stronger housemates. Some within the house had speculated that her relative youth and smaller stature were instrumental in her victory.

The radio host posed a direct question to Ilebaye, asking, “Do you think you were supported because you were fragile while everyone else was older, bigger, and stronger than you?” In response, Ilebaye emphatically refuted these assumptions, providing a clear and confident perspective on her victory.

“To me, I feel it’s because they have this love for me; not because I am the underdog. They have this genuine love for me, and they know I should be the one to win the money, and it’s my time,” Ilebaye stated during the interview.

Her assertion underscores the belief that her victory was based on authentic viewer support and a recognition of her deserving win, rather than sympathy votes. The interview sheds light on Ilebaye’s perspective and seeks to clarify the circumstances surrounding her success on the popular reality show.

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