BBNaija All Stars Winner Ilebaye Odiniya Silences Critics, Confirms N120M Prize Still Untouched

Reality Star Addresses Broke-Shaming, Reveals Grand Prize Intact Despite Minimal Social Media Flaunting

In a candid revelation on social media, BBNaija All Stars winner Ilebaye Odiniya has confidently affirmed the preservation of her N120 million grand prize, effectively shutting down critics who previously speculated about her financial status.

The discourse unfolded on Ilebaye’s Snapchat page during a heartfelt interaction with her followers, swiftly escalating when one follower insinuated her alleged financial struggles, particularly noting the moderation in her social media content.

Responding with poise, Ilebaye swiftly debunked the notion that prosperity is measured by extravagant displays on social platforms. Instead, she emphasized the significance of financial prudence and mindful spending.

Underscoring her point, the 23-year-old millionaire reiterated that the substantial sum she clinched as the victor of the BBNaija All Stars edition remains securely in her possession, untouched and intact.

Addressing her followers, Ilebaye urged against underestimating her financial stability while expressing gratitude to the organizers of the reality show for bestowing her with newfound wealth.

“Lmaoo! When it comes to being broke, don’t add Ilebaye’s name to that circle, girl! lol, brokenness isn’t my portion and I thank God for using Big Brother to bless me with my own money. Just because I don’t indulge in extravagant posts doesn’t imply financial lack. If I were to flaunt, some of you would drown in envy. I’m sparing you from unnecessary stress. I haven’t even touched that N120 million yet. Lmao, you think posting designer items makes you rich,” she asserted confidently.

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