BBNaija All Stars Winner Ilebaye Odiniya Reacts to Fan’s Comment about Fashion Impact on Fellow Housemates

Reality Star Addresses Fan’s Assertion of Gen Z Influence on Fashion Choices

In a subtle yet intriguing revelation, BBNaija All Stars winner Ilebaye Odiniya hinted at her older colleagues, including Mercy Eke and Ceec, allegedly adopting elements of her Gen Z style to stay trendy. The reality star took to her Snapchat page to share questions and opinions from her fans, with one particular inquiry striking a chord.

A fan’s statement, acknowledging Ilebaye’s impact on fellow BBNaija housemates, suggested that older contestants are scrambling to keep up with her, influencing changes in their dressing, language, and even hairstyling choices. The fan marveled at the trend-setting influence, noting how others attempt to replicate Ilebaye’s style the day after she trends for something.

Ilebaye, the youngest among her BBNaija All Stars peers, posted the statement on her Snapchat story, accompanied by a video of herself smiling in the background. The assertion implies that her distinctive fashion choices and trends are leaving a lasting impact, prompting imitation from her older counterparts.

The statement from the fan reads:

“Can i tell u a secret? Don’t share this one by replying publicly ok don’t know if uve noticed ur impact on other BBN hms? Uve got these millennials scrambling to keep up!

The way their dress is changing, trying to look younger. Some have started saying purr (hope they’re not trying to ‘steal it’) and even the way they style their hair, they’re doin whatever uve done.

When u trend for something, next day we see their snaps & IGs trying to top it it’s funny to see be they dunno what ull do next but I love how u keep surprising all of us!!”

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