Big Brother Issues Double Strike to Housemate Ilebaye After Confrontation with CeeC

In a recent turn of events within the Big Brother Naija house, housemate Ilebaye found herself on the receiving end of a double strike from Big Brother. The incident occurred following a heated confrontation with fellow housemate CeeC, which was captured on footage and aired on Sunday.

The confrontation took place after the Saturday night party, as Ilebaye was being consoled by a fellow housemate. CeeC intervened, suggesting that the consolation might be a strategic move to gain favor and secure a win in the competition. This led to a heated exchange of words between Ilebaye and CeeC, with tensions running high and the situation nearly escalating into a physical confrontation.

In response to the incident, Big Brother called for a meeting and presented the footage of the confrontation to all the housemates. Referring to Article 15 of the house rules, it was determined that the rules had been violated during the altercation.

As a consequence, CeeC received a warning from Big Brother, with the reminder that further punishment could be imposed if she survives the upcoming eviction show.

On the other hand, Ilebaye was handed a double strike by Big Brother, along with a stern warning that another strike would result in her immediate disqualification from the competition.

Additionally, both housemates were informed that they would not be participating in the Big Brother Naija Head of House game and the Black Envelope game, further enforcing the disciplinary measures.

These actions were taken by Big Brother to maintain order and discipline within the house, ensuring that all the housemates adhere to the rules and regulations of the competition.

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Watch the confrontation below:

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