Big Brother Naija All Stars: Doyin Expresses Doubts About Mercy Eke’s Sincerity

Head of House Doyin Shares Her Thoughts on Fellow Housemates

In the ongoing Big Brother Naija All Stars season, current Head of House Doyin took the opportunity to share her candid thoughts during a conversation with Big Brother in the diary room.

During this discussion, Doyin provided insights into her perceptions of other housemates, with a particular focus on fellow contestant Mercy Eke. When asked about her thoughts on Mercy, Doyin did not mince words, stating that she believed Mercy Eke was a significant pretender within the house.

Doyin went on to explain her perspective, highlighting that while Mercy may project a cheerful and upbeat attitude, a closer examination reveals a more deceitful side. She admitted to overhearing Mercy making disparaging remarks behind her back, which left her surprised by the stark contrast between Mercy’s private comments and her public persona.

Expressing her uncertainty about where she stands with Mercy, Doyin emphasized the inconsistency between Mercy’s words and actions, which raised doubts about her sincerity.

In Doyin’s words, “Venita is mean and she’s mean to your face. Mercy will blow you in the face and bite you in the back. If you want to be mean, then grow some balls.”

Watch the video below:

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