Eight Big Brother Naija All-Stars Housemates Nominated for Eviction This Week

The latest episode of the Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) All-Stars reality TV show has brought forth a new twist as eight housemates find themselves nominated for potential eviction this week.

The turn of events unfolded after Cross secured the coveted title of Head of House (HoH) during the Monday night competition, earning himself immunity from eviction for the upcoming week.

Following the HoH game, the housemates were drawn into the “Black Envelope Challenge.” However, despite their collective efforts, none of them managed to discover the elusive envelope bearing the inscription “immunity.”

With this immunity eluding them, the housemates then proceeded to participate in the nomination process. Each housemate individually cast their votes in the diary room, leading to a tally that ultimately determined the nominees for potential eviction this week.

The eight housemates who have been nominated for possible eviction include Mercy Eke, Alex, Cee-C, White Money, Ilebaye, Neo, Adekunle, and Sholzy (a fake housemate).

Here is a breakdown of how the housemates voted:

  • Venita nominated Alex, Cee-C, and Mercy.
  • Soma nominated Sholzy, Ilebaye, and White Money.
  • Neo nominated Mercy, Cee-C, and Alex.
  • Mercy nominated Pere, Adekunle, and Neo.
  • White Money nominated Neo, Cee-C, and Soma.
  • Alex nominated Sholzy, Adekunle, and Venita.
  • Pere nominated Alex, Soma, and Mercy.
  • Ilebaye nominated Cee-C, White Money, and Neo.
  • Angel nominated White Money, Sholzy, and Ilebaye.
  • Adekunle nominated Cee-C, Mercy, and Alex.
  • Cee-C nominated Adekunle, Pere, and Ilebaye.
  • Cross nominated Mercy, Alex, and Cee-C.

Notably, as per Big Brother’s rules, nominated housemates are strictly prohibited from campaigning for votes from the viewing audience.

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The housemate who garners the fewest votes will face eviction during the upcoming Sunday episode. The BBNaija All-Stars season, which commenced on July 23, is expected to conclude on October 1. This year’s victor will receive a record-breaking cash prize of N120 million, marking the highest prize purse in the history of Big Brother Naija.

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