Big Brother Naija Star Venita Claims Pre-Show Fame in New Music Collab

Reality TV Contestant Claims Self-Made Fame Ahead of Music Debut with Rapper Magnito

Venita Akpofure, renowned for her appearances on the popular reality television series Big Brother Naija, boldly asserts her pre-show stardom in a newly released music collaboration with rapper Magnito.

Having graced the Big Brother Naija stage twice, first in 2019 during the ‘Pepper Dem’ edition and then in 2023 as part of the All Stars, Venita takes center stage in the music industry with her latest track titled ‘Gen Z Cypher’. In this musical endeavor, she makes a striking declaration that her fame predates her involvement in the reality show, challenging the notion that Big Brother Naija catapulted her to stardom.

Venita’s lyrical prowess shines through as she raps, “I made it before Big Brother. No be Biggie help me, we dey help each other. Small girls babbling, I don’t even bother. Dem no get experience, they never cross border.” With these words, she asserts her independence and self-made success, suggesting a symbiotic relationship between herself and the reality show organizers rather than a one-sided journey to fame.

watch the video below:

As the music video accompanies her bold declarations, Venita’s confidence and authenticity take center stage, offering fans and listeners a glimpse into her multifaceted talents beyond the realm of reality television.

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