Venita’s Team Accused of Orchestrating Smear Campaign Against Mercy Eke

Sabi Radio Exposes Alleged Plot to Tarnish Colleague’s Image

In a shocking revelation, the team of reality star Venita Akpofure has been accused of engaging in a deliberate smear campaign against her former Big Brother Naija colleague, Mercy Eke. The accusations surfaced when Instagram blog Sabi Radio took to Twitter to expose what they claim is a concerted effort by Venita’s team to spread false information about Mercy Eke.

The controversy stems from the strained relationship between Mercy Eke and Venita, which deteriorated shortly after their time in the Big Brother Naija house ended a few months ago. The rift between the once-close friends became apparent when they unfollowed each other on Instagram, signaling a deeper discord.

Sabi Radio, a popular Instagram blog, alleged that Venita’s team had paid them to disseminate misleading information about Mercy Eke and tarnish her image. In a tweet posted late today, Sabi Radio hinted at having screenshots of conversations that would expose the purported plot orchestrated by Venita’s team. The tweet read:

“Venita’s team reached out to pay and have us lie against Mercy Eke following her vindictive act in the house, now you’re trying to act the victim. Mean girl of the season for a reason? We have screenshots ready after you provide yours. We’re busy over here tryna promote a movie but you think anyone gives AF about you? Bruv! See wetin Adekunle don cause.”

The explosive revelation has left fans of both reality stars in shock, with many demanding transparency and accountability in the unfolding drama. As the online community awaits the alleged screenshots, the incident has sparked discussions about ethics in celebrity management and the potential consequences of orchestrating smear campaigns in the highly scrutinized world of reality television.

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