Brussels Shooter Identified: Illegal Resident Abdesalem Lassoued, of Tunisian Origin, with a Dark Past

Belgian Authorities Reveal Perpetrator’s Identity and Troubling History in Terrorism

Belgian authorities have identified the alleged shooter responsible for the tragic incident that claimed the lives of two Swedish citizens in Brussels. The assailant has been named as 45-year-old Abdesalem Lassoued, of Tunisian origin, residing in Belgium illegally. Shockingly, Lassoued has a troubling history, having been previously tried in Tunisia for “terrorist acts.”

The revelation sheds light on the potential security lapses that allowed an individual with a history of terrorism-related activities to reside in Belgium without legal authorization. The incident has prompted heightened scrutiny and questions regarding the effectiveness of immigration and security measures in the country.

Authorities are now investigating how Lassoued, with a known record of involvement in terrorist activities, managed to live in Belgium undetected. The identification of the shooter adds a layer of complexity to the aftermath of the brutal attack that prompted the abandonment of the Euro 2024 qualifier between Belgium and Sweden.

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