Brymo and Adekunle Gold’s Clash Escalates Over Controversial Comments

The Nigerian music industry has witnessed a heated exchange between two prominent singers, Brymo and Adekunle Gold. The controversy erupted after Brymo made controversial comments about his colleague, Simi, Adekunle Gold’s wife.

In an interview, Brymo narrated how he had requested a body exchange before collaborating with female artists like Simi and Efya. The comments sparked a response from Adekunle Gold, who took to Twitter to warn Brymo against disrespecting his wife and family. He urged the “Ara” crooner to seek help.

The backlash on social media was swift, with Brymo facing heavy criticism over his remarks. In an attempt to clarify his position, Brymo denied any intention of trying to sleep with anyone’s wife. He asserted that the incident he referred to happened before the public knew that Simi was dating Adekunle Gold. Brymo then told Adekunle Gold to stay away from him and never contact him again.

In his response, Brymo expressed frustration at Adekunle Gold’s involvement in the matter and insisted that the incident predated Adekunle Gold’s relationship with Simi. He urged his colleague to leave him alone and refrain from any further communication or posting about him.

See his tweets below:

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