Burna Boy Explains Strategy Behind Charity Giveaways

Nigerian Singer Opens Up About Offline Charity Work

Nigerian music sensation Burna Boy has shed light on his approach to charity giveaways, revealing his preference for offline initiatives over social media-driven clout.

During an Instagram live session with his fans, Burna Boy emphasized that despite public perception, he actively engages in charity work. He explained that his giveaways predominantly target offline communities, as he believes those most in need often lack access to social media platforms.

“I do giveaway to places that really matter, to people that really need it, and most of them are not on the internet,” Burna Boy affirmed.

His commitment to impactful philanthropy was recently demonstrated when he garnered praise for renovating the Cheshire Orphanage Home in Port Harcourt through the DashMe Foundation. The orphanage provides care and support for individuals with disabilities or special needs.

This benevolent act was brought to light by Executive Coach and public speaker Mercy Bello Abu, underscoring Burna Boy’s ongoing efforts to make a meaningful difference in communities.

Meanwhile, Burna Boy’s actions have sparked comparisons with fellow artist Davido, who announced a substantial donation of 300 million naira to orphanages through his foundation. Amidst skepticism from a netizen questioning Davido’s sincerity, the singer swiftly responded by sharing screenshots of credit alerts confirming the donation.

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