Burna Boy Opens Up About Delay in Marriage Plans

Grammy-Winning Artist Shares Insights into Personal Life and Relationship Choices

Popular Nigerian singer Burna Boy has provided insight into his current perspective on marriage, shedding light on the reasons behind his decision to delay tying the knot or starting a family.

In a recently circulated video, the Grammy-winning artist revealed that his unmarried status is primarily attributed to his quest for the right life partner. Despite his success and fame, Burna Boy emphasized the importance of finding the perfect match before committing to marriage.

“If God says make I marry, I will marry. Na God dey do all, me I just dey follow. I don’t hate nobody, I just don’t like it when they use lies and agendas,” Burna Boy stated in the video, highlighting his reliance on divine guidance in matters of love and relationships.

While expressing his willingness to settle down, Burna Boy’s remarks underscore the significance of spiritual discernment in his decision-making process regarding marriage.

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