Chef Dammy’s Epic Cookathon in Oye-Ekiti Gains Momentum as She Nears 120-Hour Goal

The remarkable cookathon taking place in Oye-Ekiti continues to captivate audiences as it surpasses the 80-hour mark. Chef Dammy, the woman tirelessly cooking behind the fireplace, has set her sights on completing the challenging 120-hour feat, refusing to take any breaks. Commencing on Friday, June 9, the cook-a-thon has gained widespread popularity on social media.

In the midst of the event, Chef Dammy faced criticism from some Nigerians who accused her of imitating Hilda Baci, who previously cooked for 100 hours. However, she also received support from many who rallied behind her during this extraordinary culinary endeavor.

The cookathon in Ekiti state has attracted attention from Nigerians, with some individuals even venturing to the location to savor Chef Dammy’s delectable cuisine.

The excitement surrounding the cookathon reached new heights when Hilda Baci, the previous record holder, expressed her endorsement of Chef Dammy on Sunday night.

In a recent update from @SpiritWordGM on Monday, June 12, it was revealed that Chef Dammy is persevering and growing stronger. The tweet reads: “80 hours and counting! We are hitting the goal soon. 40 more hours before we reach.”

Meanwhile, in response to the event, Hilda Baci took to Twitter on Sunday evening to praise Chef Dammy’s boldness. She wrote: “The beauty of dreams is that they are unique to each individual. Dami, your boldness to take on a cooking challenge shows that passion knows no limits. Embrace the journey, learn from every experience, and inspire others with your unwavering spirit.”

Chef Dammy’s determination and resilience in pursuing this incredible cooking marathon exemplify the power of passion and dedication. As she approaches the ambitious 120-hour milestone, her journey serves as an inspiration to others, showcasing the unwavering spirit that can drive individuals to surpass their limits and achieve extraordinary feats in their chosen fields.

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