Burna Boy Pays Tribute to Nigerian Music Veterans 2Baba, Timaya, D’banj, Larry Gaaga, and Wande Coal

Grammy-Winning Artist Acknowledges Influence of Industry Legends

Grammy award-winning singer Burna Boy recently took to Instagram to express his thoughts on the Nigerian music scene, highlighting his admiration for a select group of veteran artists who have played a significant role in shaping his career and life.

In his heartfelt acknowledgment, Burna Boy named 2Baba, Timaya, D’banj, Larry Gaaga, and Wande Coal as the individuals he holds in high regard within the industry.

Burna Boy specifically credited Timaya for inspiring him and showing that attaining success in the music industry is attainable. He also expressed deep gratitude towards D’banj for his support, including funding the music video for Burna Boy’s track “Wan Da Mo.”

These remarks from Burna Boy come in response to veteran producer ID Cabasa’s recent call for Nigerian artists to show respect and appreciation to industry legends.

During an Instagram live session, Burna Boy reflected on the challenges faced by many artists in the industry and stressed the importance of recognizing and honoring those who have positively influenced their journey. He emphasized his lifelong respect for Timaya, D’banj, Larry Gaaga, and Wande Coal, highlighting their support during critical moments in his career.

Burna Boy also mentioned 2Baba, praising his musicality and recalling a significant collaboration that left a lasting impact. He underlined that, for him, these artists are the true OGs (Original Gangsters) based on their contributions and support.

In his closing remarks, Burna Boy reiterated the individual experiences and perspectives of artists, acknowledging that different artists may have varying definitions of what constitutes an OG within the industry. He concluded by expressing his appreciation for Wande Coal’s influence during a pivotal period in his musical journey, showcasing the camaraderie and mutual respect within the Nigerian music community.

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