Terry G Publicly Calls Out Timaya Over Alleged Unpaid Royalties

Nigerian Singer Expresses Frustration and Disappointment, Vows to Address Issue Boldly

Nigerian singer Terry G has taken to his Instagram page to air grievances against fellow artist Timaya, alleging unpaid royalties and highlighting a broader issue within the music industry.

In a candid social media post, the “Akpako Master” singer did not hold back, expressing his frustration and disappointment over the situation. Terry G revealed that he had been contemplating speaking out, particularly after hearing other artists share their experiences with unpaid royalties on podcasts.

Emphasizing his intent to address the matter forcefully, Terry G stated that when he decides to speak up, the metaphorical “table will be used for firewood,” indicating his determination to shed light on the issue in a bold manner. He made it clear that he is seeking his rightful 50% producer publishing royalties from Timaya and other artists.

The veteran singer and producer lamented the treatment he alleges to have received from fellow producers, using his own experience as an example of how greatness is exploited and then discarded within the industry.

Terry G’s public call-out underscores a growing concern within the Nigerian music scene regarding fair compensation and recognition for artists and producers. As the conversation around unpaid royalties gains momentum, his bold stance serves as a reminder of the importance of addressing systemic issues to ensure equitable treatment for all stakeholders in the music industry.

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