CCECC Nigeria Limited Welcomes 65 Nigerian Graduates Returning from Chinese Universities

A total of 65 Nigerian graduates, who were sponsored to study in Chinese universities by CCECC Nigeria Limited, have returned to the country with a commitment to contribute to the development of the transport sector. The program, a joint effort between CCECC Nigeria Limited, Central South University, and Chang’an University, aims to enhance knowledge and skills in areas such as Civil Engineering, Transportation Engineering, and Road, Bridge, and River-crossing Engineering.

The homecoming ceremony took place at the CCECC Nigeria Limited headquarters in Abuja on Wednesday evening, where the graduates were received. Speaking at the event, Dr. Magdalene Ajani, the Permanent Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Transportation, highlighted the significance of the graduates’ expertise in the ongoing efforts to revitalize Nigeria’s railway system. She emphasized the importance of capable manpower to sustain railway projects across the country and urged the graduates to view their involvement in the government’s agenda as a call to serve their nation.

Mr. Wang Xixue, the Managing Director of CCECC Nigeria Limited, shared that the company has been collaborating with the Nigerian government, Central South University, and Chang’an University since 2018 to select and sponsor young Nigerians for educational opportunities in China. He explained the 3+2 program, which entails three years of study in Nigeria followed by two years in China, and the 1+4 cooperation program, which involves one year of language study in China before four years of undergraduate study at Chang’an University.

Zhang Zhichen, Chairman of CCECC Nigeria Limited, congratulated the graduates on their successful completion of studies and encouraged them to join the company. Zhichen urged the graduates to apply the knowledge and skills acquired during their time in China to contribute to Nigeria’s economic and social development. He emphasized the significance of their role as ambassadors of friendship between the Chinese and Nigerian people.

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His Excellency, Mr. Cui Jianchun, Chinese Ambassador to Nigeria, also commended the students for demonstrating the cooperation and joint education between China and Nigeria. He described the program as a prime example of China-Africa capacity-building cooperation, fostering cultural exchanges and mutual understanding between the two nations.

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